Programs at Camp Mesorah

We are proud to offer a wide variety of camp programs for children and young adults of all ages. As campers grow, Camp Mesorah is here to provide them with activities, fun, programming, and life skills according to their level. From ages 8 to 16, grades 3 to 10 Camp Mesorah provides the most dynamic summer experience your child will ever experience.

We are counting the days until the buses pull up into camp! We can’t wait to see each camper on our sports courts, in the Girls Rec Rehersing for the Play, at the Ropes Course zip linging from tree to tree, and in the Dining Room singing and cheering. We are busy planning for our annual Carnival & Color War, Olympics, Trips, and Night Activities. Summer cannot come fast enough for us!

Teen Learning Programs

Exciting opportunities for our Teen Campers to add Torah to their day - without missing any of the Teen activities!

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Mini Mesorah

Is your child nervous about sleeping away for a month but she wants to try the amazing Camp Mesorah Experience? Camp Mesorah is now offering a two week special for first time Mesorah campers. Campers will be able to experience sports leagues, carnival, music, swimming, art, chinuch, archery, hiking, overnights, amazing trips, and much more.

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Avnet-Mesorah Experience

Camp Mesorah will once again be hosting campers from Avnet Country Day School. This exciting program has helped many young boys and girls get a taste of the sleep away environment

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Yachad Program

Yachad is an agency of the Orthodox Union that is dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish Community.

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Israeli Campers

Camp Mesorah provides a unique experience for our campers coming from Israel.

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The center piece of Camp Mesorah, quite literally, is the Camp Mesorah Kollel. Located in the middle of Camp, the Kollel serves as a place for serious yeshiva students to focus their time learning in a more relaxed environment.

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